When it comes time to invest in your current or future property Elite Epoxy knows that a new flooring system for your garage not only creates an enjoyable atmosphere to get work done but also adds to the value of your property.  We use an epoxy resin flooring system that truly stands out from other flooring options. Epoxy flooring is highly durable, sustainable, and decorative. These flooring systems are resistant to high levels of wear and tear making it the best long-lasting flooring option out there. We can add any flake combination to your epoxy base or any combination of colors to give you the floor of your dreams. What started for us in the garage has now seen us installing floor systems in basements, bathrooms, pool decks, and patios.  No matter what you dream up, we guarantee you will be pleased with our work!


Purepoxy is a leading north american manufacturer of high-quality liquid polymer products. Our products are used to make decorative coatings, concrete repair compounds, chips and quartz floor systems.


A Wisconsin based manufacture that focuses exclusively on manufacturing and marketing decorative materials that enhance the aesthetic and ergonomic qualities of resinous flooring systems.  Torginol flakes can be found in almost every Elite Epoxy project.

Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams is the leading name in paint and is the only product that we use when it come to covering the walls and ceilings of your projects.  Our family has been spraying Sherwin Williams paints since 1988.



Elite Epoxy was founded by two longtime friends who have a passion for home improvement.  After flipping a few houses and building a couple of new ones we found that it was extremely difficult to find a company who would answer their phone and show up when they said they were going to.  This forced us to make a decision to buy the equipment and do it ourselves.  We now have two crews working in Wisconsin and Minnesota traveling to meet the needs of our customers.  We specialize in transforming garages!  New construction is great however, there is just as much satisfaction in making an old garage look new again by filling cracks, level low spots, and even filling pits cause by road salt.  Although we were born in the garage, we have completed requests for installations in basements, patios, pool decks, and even the occasional pool house.  We cannot wait to hear from you and help make your dreams come alive.





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